Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the thief

The Thief

The axe was eighty inches tall with dual golden blades that gleamed in the sunlight. This of course was until it was stolen. The time according to the security camera was 19:37:02. The police believe it was a white female age 34 approximately 5'6" with light brown hair at a black backpack. They are still looking for the suspect. How foolish of them to be looking for a 34 year old female when they should be looking for a 127 year old, who looks 36, male and is 6'3" and is capable of: teleportation, fire breathing, flying, disinagration, by simply pointing at an object, transformation, into anything and everything, and is immortal among other things and can also spit poison like snakes. This is who they should be looking for and all the would have to do is turn to their leader and ask why he did what he did. They never will because they are week and I am strong. This is the story of the thief.

the island

The Island

Part 1

On day a bee was zigzagging through a field and into some trees. He sees a spider then whoosh right into a web flies the bee. It struggles for a bit then buzzes furiously. The very deadly spider felt its web move so it went down and attacked the bee only to be killed by a tank moving through the forest


Part 2

A tank rumbled through a forest that had been created by a volcano 2,000 years before. The tank killed or ran over tree after tree and then boom! Blew up after hitting a land mine. The explosion caused a fallen tree to erupt into flames.


Part 3

A fire was started by an explosion in a small forest, about 100 trees. Soon the ball of fire was growing and growing until it was the size of a tiger tank it started to engulf everything on the island. Soon after It went out due to a rain storm that lasted ten days and ten nights.

the fire

The Fire

One day as I (Sam) was walking. Wait let me introduce myself. My name is as you know is Sam. I am an eleven year old boy. I have four fish, two birds, three cats, and an iguana. They all get along fine. Now back to the story. So as I was saying I was walking down the street and got my bike (which is old but fast.) then I went speeding down the street and saw smoke, at first it was very little then as I got closer I saw more and more(whew how much more of this can I do) smoke. Soon enough I saw fire everywhere I was coming from a bunch of trees that were on fire and boy do I mean a bunch. I’d say have of a Hy-Vee parking lot. That is a lot of trees trust me. There were ten fire trucks, five ambulances, and fifteen police cars for a total of thirty vehicles altogether and 105 men and women trying to (1) put out the fire (2) get the people out safely (3) keep bystanders out of the way or get the people that were in the building to safety and (4) help the wounded. All of a sudden I heard a dog barking and I looked at a window on the ground floor in an evacuated building. It was a dog stuck by its leash. Partially (but not fully) thinking I rushed by everyone and crashed through the window and rolled to a stop by the half scared half happy to see me dog I unhooked its leash and made a little ramp for the dog to get out. On the way back to the window I saw five mice in a cage (this has to be a pet shop) as I searched the pet store I found a cat and seven kittens also some snakes frogs and toads as well as a few others. I managed to get them all out safely as I went to the window I felt beads of sweat run down my neck  and I  turned around was face to flame with the fire. I quickly grabbed a bucket of water and splashed the fire and hurriedly rushed out of the burning building just as it collapsed. I managed to get three feet and dropped to the ground luckily a firefighter found me and got me plus the animals to  a nearby hospital and since my wallet was in my pocket( which has my info in it) they were able to call my parents. As for the animals we got all thirty of them as gifts for my bravery. We (more like I) got $10,000 as well as the animals (which I found out where starved and beaten by the people who owned the shop. I was given a medal too. In the end I was happy as a clam to have helped the animals and given them a home.


Sam smith

the end

The End

Bullets ripped through the air

Gunshots sounded every where

In the end there was no one there

i dream

I dream
I’ve dreamed about it all
I’ve dreamed winter spring summer and fall
I’ve dreamed about things that would make Jesus cry
I’ve dreamed about all the many times how I would die
I’ve dreamed how to make you scream
I’m the dream I’ve dreamed

death 1

Death draws closer to its victim.

It strikes with an icy blow.

It claims its fifth victim.

Its smell lingers in the air.

 As death moves on it can’t be stopped.

For death is what keeps the circle of life in motion.

Death likes its job for if it didn’t it would not be called death.